The Statement of the Secretary-General of Islamic Radios and Television Union on the International Al-Quds Day

This year, the International Al-Quds Day called by Imam Khomeini is commemorated by the Palestinians under exceptional circumstances as a result of political pressures and ongoing conspiracies.

The positions and actions carried out by Trump, transferring the US Embassy to Al-Quds and Judaization, settlement and falsification of history and change of the Islamic character of the holy city to a Jewish character placing on Al-Quds, as well as the efforts of many countries to recognize the Zionist regime officially and to get closer to the official declaration of the deal century, make the occasion of Al-Quds Day this year is has a double important regardless of its permanent importance.

While the plot of the century deal, aimed at wiping the Palestinian issue out of the minds of the people and bringing it out of the forefront of the world’s issues, the revival of the International Al-Quds Day is an opportunity to refocus the people’s attitude on the Palestinian issue. based on that:

First: The Union considers that the aim of this year’s revival is to abort the plot of the planned century deal, which is a conspiracy against the Palestinian people right and thus against the rights, identity, and history of the peoples. This makes the issue of defending Al-Quds the cause of every free, honorable, and jealous person.

Second: The Union supports the option of resistance against Israeli aggression and considers it the only option for the Palestinian people and all the vulnerable peoples. It supports the Palestinians’ inalienable right to return to their land, self-determination, and to establish sovereignty over all Palestinian territories.

Third: The Union commends the resistance, steadfastness, and authenticity of the Palestinian people and their noble heroes, martyrs, wounded, and detainees. It calls on human rights organizations to highlight the injustice of these people and to light the crimes committed against them by aggression and siege.

Fourth: The Union calls upon international organizations to pay attention to the Palestinian issue because of its human and national character, which means all peoples and nations and transcends the boundaries of doctrines, religions, and international politics calculations.

Fifth: The Union calls on journalists and writers to consider the anniversary of the International Al-Quds Day as an opportunity to form an intellectual renaissance to defend all rights and freedoms, especially freedom of the press and the convergence of the Palestinian cause in its various dimensions.

Sixth: The Union calls on the media organizations to carry out the widest coverage of the events of the International Al-Quds Day. It also calls on member institutions to pay attention to the widest coverage of the marches, which will begin on Friday, 31 May 2019, around the world.

Kindly accept respect and appreciation


Ali Karemian

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