16 Iraqi fishermen arrested in Khor Abdullah by Kuwaiti Coast Guard

HADITHA DAM, Iraq, (Sept. 16, 2007) – Iraqi fisherman pull in their nets after being warned by sailors with Riverine Squadron 1, Riverine Group 1, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, in support of Regimental Combat Team 2, about the new temporary 24-hour curfew on the Euphrates River near the dam. The regiment declared the temporary curfew on the waterway to stem the suspected increase of enemy activity on the river during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. Official Marine Corps Photo By Cpl. Ryan C. Heiser.

The Fishermen’s Association reported that Kuwaiti Coast Guard had arrested 16 Iraqi fishermen, as they call the government to intervene to release them.

An official in the association said in a radio interview broadcast by the “Al-Ghadeer” website, that “the Kuwaiti Coast Guard arrested this morning 16 Iraqi fishermen from the people of Basra Governorate in Khor Abdullah, on the pretext of crossing the territorial waters of the Kuwaiti side”.

The official called on the federal government to “intervene with the Kuwaiti side to release detained Iraqi fishermen”.

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