Iraqi Court Issues Arrest Warrants for Killers of Al-Hashimi, Protesters

Iraq’s Supreme Judicial Council said on Thursday that it had issued arrest warrants for alleged killers of security expert Hisham al-Hashimi who was assassinated in Baghdad last year.

Faiq Zaidan, head of the Supreme Judicial Council, further pointed out that the council had also resolved legal cases of some protester killings, which were said to have been conducted by members of the security forces and militia groups.

No further details were revealed about the arrest warrants.

Hashimi was assassinated by unidentified armed men outside his house in the capital Baghdad last year.

Hundreds of demonstrators and protest activists were killed during the anti-government protests between October 2019 and March 2020 while more than 25,000 people, including demonstrators and security personnel, suffered from injuries.

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