Al-Amiri in his meeting with Japan ambassador: Non-withdrawal of foreign forces will lead to instability in Iraq

The head of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Mr. Hadi Al-Amiri, warned during his meeting with the Japanese ambassador, today, Thursday, that foreign forces if not left at the end of this year, would lead to instability in Iraq.

The media office of the head of the Al-Fateh Alliance said in a statement received by (Al-Ghadir), that “Al-Amiri received today, Thursday, in his office in Baghdad, the Japanese ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Kotaro Suzuki, and discussed with him the relations between Iraq and Japan, and ways to advance them to what meets the aspirations of both friendly peoples.”

Al-Amiri praised, according to the statement, “the important Japanese role in the region,” praising “the positions of the Japanese government in supporting the stability of Iraq and consolidating the democratic path in it.”

Al-Amiri stressed that “our position is clear regarding the presence of foreign forces, for national sovereignty is a red line,” warning “of Iraq’s instability in the event that these forces do not leave at the end of this year.”

And he indicated that “in the event that Iraq needs foreign advisers for the purposes of training and advice, it must be in accordance with the constitution and Iraqi laws in force and with high transparency.”

For his part, the Japanese ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Kotaro Suzuki, praised “Iraq’s bearing of its greater role in the stability of the countries of the region,” noting that “his country continues to support Iraq in all fields.”

He stated that “the world is following the Iraqi scene and is looking forward to resolving the political crisis in the Iraqi arena according to democratic methods.”

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