ISIL claims responsibility for Saturday blast in Kabul

The ISIL terrorist group claimed responsibility for yesterday’s attack in Kabul, which left four people dead and wounded.

The Taliban reported on Saturday an explosion in the Security District 3 in the west of the capital Kabul, in which one woman was martyred and three others were injured.

The Taliban security forces spokesman Khaled Zedran said the blast reportedly targeted a bus.

There have been deadly explosions across Afghanistan over the past few weeks. Dozens of people have been killed and hundreds have been injured in those terrorist blasts.

In the latest blast, a mosque in the Security District 6 of Kabul was blown up on Friday, leaving at least 66 dead and injuring 78, according to Reuters, citing a health source.

In a matter of ten days, crowded Shia and Sunni places, including schools, mosques, and passenger vehicles in Kabul, Balkh, and Kunduz, have been the target of deadly attacks.

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