Clashes Erupted Between the Iraqi Army and PKK (Videos)

A new bout of fire exchange erupted in the district of Sinjar which has been the battlefield of ongoing confrontations between the Iraqi army and forces aligned with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

A source told Alghadeer News that the clashes took place near the Hetteen compound when the Iraqi army tried to reopen the roads in the district and remove the earthen berms the group called Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS) installed.

Earlier today, two YBS snipers were killed in an airstrike of the Iraqi army on an empty school in Sinjar.

A source told Alghadeer News that two snipers positioned inside a school and attempted to hinder the progress of the Iraqi army forces tasked to open the roads and remove the earthen berms.


“The army was forced to bomb the school from air and the pro-PKK fighters were immed

iately killed,” the source added, “the army’s 20th division requested the intervention of the tanks unit. The Abrams tanks proceeded with removing the berms and opening the roads by force.”

Earlier today, a force from the pro-PKK Ezidxan units attempted to assassinate the commander of the army’s 72nd brigade in the Al-Shamal sub-district.

The attack resulted in injuring two soldiers, according to the source.

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