Iraqi security forces arrested 13 prominent terrorists in three provinces

The Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced on Tuesday, the arrest of 13 prominent terrorists in three provinces.

The ministry said, in a statement received by (Al-Ghadeer), that “the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency in the Ministry of Interior carried out qualitative operations characterized by accuracy in the performance of duty to pursue ISIS terrorist gangs in Baghdad and the provinces, where it arrested (9) terrorists in Baghdad, one of whom had previously fled the country in 2016 and returned to it some time ago, trying to hide under a false name and change his place of residence, and he has three brothers as members of ISIS, all of whom were killed during the liberation operations.

The statement added, “A terrorist was arrested in Diyala province who worked in the so-called Diyala sector detachments and is responsible for collecting information against the security forces and the movements of military units. He specializes in planting explosive devices, and has carried out targeting operations for thermal cameras and detonated several homes for citizens for the purpose of blackmailing them and paying a ransom.”

And he indicated that “a terrorist was arrested in Kirkuk province, nicknamed (Abu Saeed) who worked in the so-called Diwan al-Jund as a control element, and through preliminary investigations.”

The statement indicated that “another terrorist was arrested and admitted to the presence of one of his aides in the governorate, and immediately a specialized work team was formed from the agency’s detachments and a tight ambush was set up for him in one of the checkpoints, trying to escape to another governorate and arrest him, who also admitted his work as a fighter within the so-called The Nahawand Brigade, Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari Brigade,” noting that “legal measures have been taken against them.”

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