Saladin deploys reinforcements to secure the Baghdad-Mosul road

Security authorities in Saladin deployed reinforcements in the outskirts of the Toloul al-Baj sub-district to secure the Baghdad-Mosul road, a local official reported on Monday.

The administrator of Toloul al-Baj, Hatem al-Shammari, said that the new reinforcements at the first defense line in northern Saladin aim to curb ISIS movements near the sub-district.

“Everything is under control,” he said, “all the security gaps have been plugged. A new security plan is pending execution to secure the sub-district and the vital Baghdad-Mosul road. The Tribal Mobilization is also involved along with the other formations.”

Earlier this month, al-Shammari warned via Shafaq News that the security gaps in Toloul al-Baj might jeopardize the Baghdad-Mosul vital road.

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