The highlights of the speech of the head of the Al-Fateh Alliance Hadi Al-Amiri at the 13th Al-Ghadeer International Media Festival

The most prominent of what came in the speech of the head of the Al-Fateh Alliance Hadi Al-Amiri at the 13th Al-Ghadeer International Media Festival:

The Day of Ghadeer is a day in which the traditions and meanings of love, affection and loyalty to the Prophet of Islam and his guardian and to the people of the Prophet’s House are embodied

We took Eid Al-Ghadir as an occasion for the Al-Ghadeer Festival, which is an annual artistic event to inform Badr, organized by Al-Ghadeer Satellite Channel.

Al Ghadeer Media Festival is attended by 183 institutions and a number of newspapers and news agencies from home and abroad

We have become thirsty for the return of lost credibility in the media, art and literature in all its forms

Loss of credibility and spread of falsehood, delusion and deception in the media is a real disaster that threatens the lives of peoples and destabilizes security

Iraq is experiencing these days the dangerous repercussions of a media based on lies and slander

The leaks that are being broadcast these days are nothing but a model of decadent media mired in inferiority

We call on those concerned to refrain from being influenced by these despicable acts, as we condemn all these methods

The conscious should pay attention to the conspiracy, and I wish His Eminence, Muqtada al-Sadr, to rise above these leaked recordings.

The speedy selection of the presidents of the republic and the ministers and the formation of the government are urgent demands in order to achieve stability, ward off sedition, and restore the prestige of the state

The government must be formed to face all risks, and it is a permanent necessity in order to achieve the demands of our people, foremost of which are independence, sovereignty, security, services and the fight against corruption

We call on the Kurds to resolve the issue of the President of the Republic, and we also call for the framework to resolve the issue of the Prime Minister to complete the constitutional entitlements

No matter how difficult Iraq went through, and no matter how late the steps to resolve the constitutional merits were taken, we did not and will not allow this preoccupied circumstance to turn into an umbrella under which suspicious agendas could pass.

Iraq cannot be part of the Zionist camp in the region

The recent conferences and meetings in the region to defend the Zionist entity are a regression to the lowest forms of historical shame

Iraq’s previous laws, its current constitution, and the law criminalizing normalization all prevent Iraq from being part of the system that serves the Zionist entity

With the will of the honest and loyal to Iraq and Palestine, the projects of the Zionist entity will not be realized

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