Al-Lami appreciates the efforts of Al-Ghadir TV and its employees, and confirms that the Syndicate of Journalists continues to support it

The head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, Muayyad al-Lami, praised the efforts of Al-Ghadir TV and its employees, and affirmed the continuation of the Syndicate of Journalists with its support.

Al-Lami said during his speech at the Al-Ghadeer International Media Festival: “We appreciate the efforts of Al-Ghadeer TV and its employees to make the 13th Al-Ghadeer International Media Festival a success, stressing that with its distinguished management it is moving towards advanced creativity and that the Syndicate of Journalists will remain supportive of it.”

Al-Lami praised the Iraqi judiciary for standing by the journalists in their cases, work and efforts.

He added, “We have a long way to build the country and protect the gains achieved by its people.”

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