Condemning the bombing, Al-Amiri demands the immediate closure of the border with Turkey

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
We strongly condemn and denounce the Turkish bombing that targeted civilians in one of the resorts in the city of Zakho, which led to the death and injury of dozens of civilians, and among the victims were children whose body parts were scattered there. Its air raids, artillery shelling and ground incursions of its forces deep into Iraqi territory, which always result in dozens of civilian casualties on an almost daily basis, and in the face of this aggressive and expansionist behavior, we are not satisfied with condemning the crime and what preceded it, but there must be a national stance to protect the country, its sovereignty and the lives of its people from a machine Turkish destruction, we demand the government to immediately close the border with Turkey and stop the work of Turkish companies in Iraq, and any negligence by the Iraqi government in taking deterrent measures to prevent aggression and protect the Iraqi people from this arrogance, we will consider it weakness and a partnership in the aggression, and we stress that everyone who resorts to silence or ignores this crime He is an accomplice to the murderous aggressors, and he practices unforgivable treason against his homeland and his people.
There’s no strength except in Allah Almighty.

Hadi Al-Amri
20 July 2022


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