Iraqi Ministry of Health: Six dead in Karbala religious shrine incident (Pictures)

The Iraqi Ministry of Health announced that four people were reported dead in the Karbala collapse incident, with six others pulled from the rubble.

The Ministry said in a statement that all the injured are receiving the appropriate medical treatment.

On Saturday an earth mound adjacent to the Qattarat al-Imam Ali shrine gave way as a result of moisture saturation.

The landslide hit the ceiling of the shrine which then collapsed onto visitors.

Geologist Sabah Hassan Abdel Amir revealed the cause of the accident

Abdul Amir said, “The reason for the collapse of a part of Qattarat al-Imam Ali shrine in Holy city of Karbala was caused by a project owner exploiting the shrine, as he laid water pipes at the bottom of the hills to keep the water out.”

He added, “This caused the area’s soil to crumble due to the water seeping out of it, and then he built a concrete facility on it that the fragile sandy layers could not bear.”

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