The coordination framework calls for the formation of a national service government with the participation of all

The coordinating framework called on the parliament and the rest of the institutions to return to the exercise of their duties.

The framework said in a statement, “While we express our deep regret and sadness for the blind strife that has occurred that has caused casualties among our people due to ill-considered positions that led to what happened, we extend our sincere thanks to every position, word, and deed that contributed to stopping this strife and putting an end to it.” To bleed the blood of the brothers from the sons of the same nation.”

He added, “We also extend our thanks, appreciation, and gratitude to the sons of the security forces and the Popular Mobilization for their self-restraint and great commitment to responsibility.”

The framework pointed out that “in order to prevent a recurrence of the strife that occurred and end the conditions that help it, we see the need to work with solid vigor and expedite the formation of a national service government that will undertake reform tasks, fight corruption, reject quotas and restore the prestige of the state so that everyone can enjoy security and stability and speed up the realization of what our honorable people aspire to, and with the wide participation of all political forces wishing to participate.

He continued, “We call on the House of Representatives and the rest of the constitutional institutions to return to exercising their constitutional duties and carrying out their duties towards the citizens.”

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