Indian Air Force rescue men stranded amid flooding river in Kashmir.

The Indian Air Force sent in a helicopter to rescue two men stuck on a narrow pier, surrounded by raging water from a flooding river in Kashmir.

The stranded men reportedly came to the Tawi River on Monday to fish. The river flows through India’s Jammu and Kashmir state and has experienced flooding due to heavy rains.

The water level suddenly rose, forcing the men to seek refuge on top of a narrow concrete pier, attached to the pillars of a half-built bridge. An Indian Air Force helicopter was dispatched to the rescue.

Video from the scene shows the two men crouching on the pier, surrounded by the gushing water.

An airman in fatigues and a yellow life vest is lowered to the pier giving the men a long rescue cable before waving a hand signal to the helicopter, hovering above the river. Both men are then pulled to safety.

Several Indian regions were ravaged by severe floods this month, which have killed more than 270 people.

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