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With violence rising and politicians promoting gun control, 35% of US firearm owners expanded their arsenals in past year – poll

A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that 35% of US adults who live in gun-owning households have bought more firearms over the past year, amid increasing violent crime and riots in many of America’s largest cities. The Rasmussen poll was conducted on May 3-4 and released on Friday. The gun-buying …

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What is Flag Day and how is it celebrated?

In the United States, Flag Day is celebrated each year on 14 June to commemorate the day on which the country adopted its famous stars and stripes. The celebration was officially recognized by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916, to mark the date in 1777 when the Second Continental Congress selected …

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US security forces injure above 60 Iraqi protesters

American security forces injured more than 60 Iraqis who were protesting in front of the US embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday. American security forces fired tear gas to protesters, as well. As reported, after holding funerals for hundreds of martyrs killed during US Monday air raids, Iraqi demonstrators gathered outside …

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