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America Is Producing the Wrong Kind of Oil.

The shale boom has created a world awash with crude, putting a lid on prices and markedly reducing U.S. dependence on imported energy. But there’s a growing problem: America is producing the wrong kind of oil. Texas and other shale-rich states are spewing a gusher of high-quality crude — light-sweet …

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Pelosi brought Trump to his knees.

The shutdown is finally ending. President Donald Trump went on television Friday afternoon and announced he will allow the government to reopen for three weeks. Although picking winners and losers in politics is always tricky, there is a clear-cut case to be made that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just completed …

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The punishment blade on the neck of Mr. Gambler.

US President Donald Trump seems to be on a steady course, and that is instability. Because it is the only one or two more faces still remain in their positions from the group that entered the White House and taken the first steps in the presidency. According to Reuters, on …

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