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Telegram founder links cyber attack to China.

Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov has said a massive cyber attack on his messaging service originated from China. On Wednesday, the firm confirmed it suffered a “powerful” Distributed Denial of Service attack which disrupted services for about an hour. In a DDoS attack, hackers overwhelm a target’s servers with junk requests. …

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International cyber-crime gang busted.

An international crime gang which used malware to steal $100m (£77m) from more than 40,000 victims has been dismantled. A complex police operation conducted investigations in the US, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. The gang infected computers with GozNym malware, which captured online banking details to access bank accounts. …

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Five Steps to Protect National Infrastructure.

One only has to look at past events to know that nation-state hacking has become an increasing concern for governments worldwide. In 2018, hackers from China targeted universities and the Lowy Institute in Australia, to steal intellectual property and information. In 2015, Ukraine’s power grid was compromised by the Black …

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