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Iraqi Forces launch an operation against ISIS in Nineveh

A security source in Nineveh reported that an overall operation was launched in the remote areas surrounding the Makhmur district. “A large military force of the Iraqi army stormed the Kashaf area and the surrounding remote areas in Makhmur district, after receiving intelligence that ISIS elements are hiding in this …

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The Iraqi Army pursues ISIS elements in the Makhmur mountains

A security source reported that the Iraqi Army launched a military operation in the Makhmur mountains to pursue ISIS members. The source told Alghadeer News, “The operation was launched on the outskirts of the Makhmur Mountains, southeast of Mosul after ISIS elements attacked today at dawn the Iraqi army units …

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Iraq: 12 ISIS terrorists killed during a security operation

Iraqi forces launched, on Wednesday, a military operation targeting ISIS sites in Makhmur district, which separates Nineveh and Erbil. A spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces said in a statement received by ِAlghadeer.tv that, “Based on the directions of the Commander-in-Chief, and to complete a series of operations …

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