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Russia using gas to bully Moldova says EU

The European Union’s top diplomat said on Thursday that Moscow was using natural gas to bully Moldova, as the prime minister of the ex-Soviet republic said the country could not afford the prices Russia was now offering. Moldova’s gas contract with Russia’s Gazprom expired at the end of September. Moldova’s …

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Homemade grenade blast in Moscow killed three

 A homemade grenade blast at a house in the Russian capital, Moscow, has killed three people.  A 44-year-old man and two teenagers were killed in the blast, the Moscow city prosecutor’s office said on Saturday. According to Metropolitan Public Prosecutor’s Office, the 14-year-old boy died instantly. At the same time, …

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Russia detains Estonian diplomat in St Petersburg – Ifax

Russia’s Federal Security Service detained an Estonian diplomat based in St Petersburg, Mart Latte, on Tuesday as he was receiving confidential information from a Russian citizen, Interfax news agency reported. “Measures in line with the norms of international law will be applied to the foreign diplomat,” Interfax quoted the Federal …

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