Iraqi army raids an ISIS explosives facility in Nineveh

The Iraqi military intelligence raided a facility for manufacturing Improvised Explosive Device (IEDs) from the remnants of the ISIS terrorist organization in al-Shora sub-district, 45 kilometers to the southeast of Mosul, Nineveh’s capital city.

A press release of the military intelligence directorate said that the intelligence of the 16th division of the Iraqi army located the facility in the residence of an escaped terrorist in al-shora.

The intel was passed, according to the directorate, to a joint force from the 16th division intelligence and information departments, in addition to a land unit from the 71st Brigade, raided to the site.

The force in charge seized a machine used in manufacturing IEDs, 127 Katyusha engines, 66 mortar shells, 27 projectiles, 19 Juhannam rockets, three rocket launchpads, three IEDs, and two mortar baseplates.

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal squads removed the machine and explosives pursuant to the standard procedures without complications, the directorate said.

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