Rights group blasts use of FIFA to whitewash Israel’s crimes

A UK-based rights group has slammed the FIFA president for participating in a “political activity” in the occupied al-Quds, denouncing his suggestion to hold the 2030 World Cup in the Occupied Palestine.

Gianni Infantino took part in the inauguration ceremony of “The Friedman Center for Peace through Strength” on October 11 and raised the possibility of holding the 2030 World Cup in the Occupied Palestine alongside West Asian countries such as the United Arab Emirates to encourage normalization.

In an urgent letter to FIFA, the Arab Organization for Human Rights in the UK (AOHR UK) decried Infantino’s participation in the event which it described as “a political activity that has nothing to do with football” as “a grave mistake”.

AOHR UK added that the rules governing FIFA prohibit it from engaging in political affairs.

“As to the suggestion of holding the 2030 World Cup in the Occupied Palestine, it seems like the president of ‘FIFA’ neither sees nor hears about the crimes committed by Israel on a daily basis,” AOHR UK said.

The group noted that FIFA is “entrusted with organizing football tournaments according to the regulations and laws away from political quarrels, and it also has the duty to prevent governments from interfering in the affairs of local federations, so how could the president of the Federation support an occupying entity that has been oppressing and besieging a people for decades!”.

“The President of FIFA is aware that Israel is an occupying entity that commits many crimes, the foremost of which is settlement. He should have refrained from meeting with any government agencies or participating in political celebrations that would harm football and raise questions about mixing football with politics and supporting the perpetrators of serious crimes.”

Several rights groups have concluded that Israel is committing the crime against humanity of apartheid against Palestinians.

Earlier this year, B’Tselem, an Israeli advocacy group, said Israel is an “apartheid regime” that systematically oppresses the Palestinians via military occupation and racist laws.

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