Iraqi Marshes of Chabayish records an unprecedented number of tourists

Al-Chabayish Tourism and Environment Organization in Dhi Qar Governorate announced the recording of the highest number of Iraqi and foreign tourists entered this season on Friday.

The director of the organization, Raad al-Asadi, said in a press statement, “The marshes area in the district of Chabayish, the far south of Dhi Qar Governorate, recorded the entry of nearly 2,000 Iraqi and foreign tourists to the waters of the marshes,” noting that “this number is the highest in the current tourist season.”

And he indicated that “the Marshes of Chabayish recorded about a month and a half ago, the entry of more than 3,000 thousand tourists to it,” noting that “this year witnessed the arrival of foreign tourists in a way that is very different from previous years.”

Al-Asadi called on the Baghdad government to “increase water releases to the marshes areas for the purpose of increasing the area of ​​their water areas and maintaining their current level of height since the last period witnessed a decrease in the level of water height until it reached one meter and 20 cm, a number also in a significant decline if the situation continues.”

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