After using rubber bullets and tear gas, dozens of students suffocated in Sulaymaniyah

Dozens of protesting university students in Sulaymaniyah suffered suffocation, after Kurdish security forces dispersed their protests by force, while trying to open the roads they closed earlier Tuesday.

Al-Ghadeer’s correspondent in Kurdistan said that “a number of protesters suffocated due to the use of tear gas by the security forces,” noting that “this came after the Kurdish security forces broke up their demonstrations by force and opened the roads they had closed.”

Our correspondent pointed out that “the demonstrators insisted on continuing to block the roads from the governorate administration to the city center and protesting in front of the headquarters of the Kurdish parties organizations in the governorate.”

Three days ago, university students in Sulaymaniyah have been demonstrating to demand the payment of monthly stipends, as protesters have blocked roads in various parts of the city.

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