Al-Khazali: Iraq is going through a “political blockage”

The Secretary-General of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq movement, Qais al-Khazali, said today that Iraq is going through a “political blockage”.

Al-Khazali said in a televised speech, “the political parties that participated in the elections and the European Union mission were suspicious about the election results,” noting, “many participants in the electoral process are certain that the results are tampered with.”

“Saying that the preliminary election results were identical to the manual recounting results is 100% funny”, he pointed, adding, “6,200 ballot boxes were not closed on time.”

Al-Khazali added, “Ballot boxes that were excluded must be manually recounted.”

He called on the supreme Shiite authority, Ali al-Sistani, to intervene and solve the “dangerous” political situation in Iraq.

Al-Khazali said in his speech, “the attack that targeted the prime minister’s house is serious and cannot be tolerated at all, and trying to accuse the resistance factions of it is nothing but playing with fire and an attempt to drag the country into a major crisis.”

He added, “Al-Kadhimi was not present at his house when the alleged targeting was announced,” noting, “Al-Kadhimi did not accept the involvement of resistance factions in the investigation, which makes things more suspicious.”

“This is a message to the committee charged with investigating the alleged attack on al-Kadhimi’s house… You must provide tangible, real evidence, not speculations, nor media and Facebook gossip because the situation is intolerable.”

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