A demonstration for Maduro supporters and another for the opposition in the Venezuelan capital

Thousands demonstrated in support of President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas on Saturday to mark International Youth Day, an important annual event in Venezuela, while the opposition mobilized a demonstration of about 500 people.

Maduro’s supporters demonstrated their strength in the capital’s streets with drumming, salsa dancing and waving Venezuelan flags, while the ruling party rallied supporters and rented buses to bring activists from across the country.

“This brave young man is striving to realize his dreams and continues to fight for his country,” protester Maria Amatima told AFP.

Near the site of the demonstration, about 500 protesters gathered, including opposition leader Juan Guaido, who gave a speech calling for “unity” three months after the divided opposition was defeated in regional elections.

He said, “Today we are committed to the struggle… We must strengthen unity… We will return to the place where freedoms are exercised… to the street.”

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