UK provides Ukraine with advanced laser-guided missiles: Report

The United Kingdom has provided Ukraine with advanced laser-guided missiles capable of traveling as far as double a previous model’s range, a report says.

The British Royal Air Force is supplying Ukraine with Brimstone 2 missiles, whose previous model had been delivered to Kiev some six months ago, the Daily Telegraph reported on Monday.

According to the daily, the missiles, which each cost about £175,000, are said to be able to hit targets by tracking a laser mark set by ground forces, aircraft, or vehicles. It can alternatively scan the battlefield and pick up targets from a pre-programmed list through the use of a radar.

Developed by MBDA Systems, the Brimstone 2 missile is available in three versions of air-launched, ground-launched, and ship-launched.

The Ukrainian military has managed to modify trucks to be used as mobile launch platforms for the Brimstone missiles.

The UK has previously supplied Kiev with various weapons, including the NLAW anti-tank missile launcher.

Russia started a “special military operation” in neighboring Ukraine on February 24, with the declared aim of “de-Nazifying” the country.

Since the onset of the offensive, the United States and its European allies have imposed waves of economic sanctions against Moscow while supplying large consignments of heavy weaponry to Kiev. The Kremlin says the sanctions and the supplies will prolong the war.

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