Opinion | A mass grave, Justin Trudeau, and Gaza

Hypocrisy oozes from the Canadian prime minister’s statements on the Indigenous children’s mass grave. Justin Trudeau is a lie. Canada’s prime minister has proven that he is a calculating chameleon devoid of convictions, who, when the circumstances oblige, is conditioned to star in self-aggrandizing photo-ops and spout banal platitudes – …

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Opinion | Do people believe Covid myths?

Misinformation could be causing real harm in the community Like viruses, false information spreads through networks. In March 2020, more than a quarter of the top Covid-19 related videos on YouTube contained misleading claims and those had more than 60m views worldwide. The World Health Organization’s Covid “myth-busters” page counters …

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Jerusalem, the unfolding tragedy | Opinion

For Netanyahu, Jerusalem and Gaza are the gifts that keep on giving. Israel is a colonial war machine that never sleeps. Its mounting provocations in Jerusalem in recent weeks have predictably driven Palestinians to the streets in protest. Hence, the short answer to the question, “why?”, is simply, “why not?”, …

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