Videos: Buildings shake, debris rains from sky as ‘Massive blast’ rocks Houston.

A massive explosion has reportedly rattled homes in Houston, Texas with the blast echoing across the city, shattering windows and waking residents in the early hours of Friday morning.

The explosion reportedly took place at a factory in the Gessner area of the city. Video from a home doorbell captured the moment of the ferocious blast.

The blast happened around 4:25 am local time and was heard and felt up to 25 miles away. According to ABC, at least one person was injured in the incident, though it is unclear whether they were hurt by the blast or by falling debris. Authorities have yet to release any official information on casualties.

Debris is reportedly raining from the sky and authorities have asked people to avoid the area while preliminary investigations are underway. Images shared on social media show the damage the blast caused to homes in the vicinity.

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