Iran Denies Report of Explosion in Ardakan Nuclear Site

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran on Tuesday dismissed a report fabricated by the “anti-Revolutionary elements” about an explosion at a nuclear site in the country’s central province of Yazd.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the AEOI categorically denied the false claim raised by the anti-Revolutionary elements in the media that an explosion has occurred at ‘Shahid Rezaeenejad’ Nuclear Site in Ardakan, Yazd Province.

No accident has happened in the nuclear facility, the statement underlined, saying the anti-Revolutionary elements abroad are accompanying the “terrorist and belligerent Zionist regime” and fueling media speculations in order to foment disappointment and serve the objectives of the US’ policy of maximum pressure on the Iranian nation.

The AEOI also noted that none of the satellite images purportedly showing the fabricated incident have been taken from the nuclear site in Ardakan.

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