University with majority Black students in US receives two bomb threats in 48 hours

A university in Washington DC that has been historically populated by Back students has received two bomb threats in 48 hours, the latest in a series of “racially charged acts” against the institution.

Students on Howard University’s Washington DC campus had to evacuate the dormitories for the second time on Friday morning due to a bomb threat, according to the university president, Wayne Frederick, who called the threats “terrorism.”

“For the second time in 48 hours, students have had to evacuate residence halls during the late hours of a school night,” Frederick said in a statement. “This is terrorism, and it must stop.”

Police arrived at the scene to carry out the evacuations and a search, using animals and mechanical explosive finding resources. No explosives were found, but an investigation continued in order to locate the caller who had made the threat.

Frederick said law enforcement needed to offer more support for historically Black colleges and universities [HBCUs]. “This isn’t about resilience and grit. We require extra resources from all law enforcement agencies directed towards solving this ongoing threat and bringing those who perpetrate its negative effects to full justice under the law,” the university president said.

According to Frank Tramble, Howard’s chief communications officer, it was the eighth bomb threat against the university since January.

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