US seizure of pro-resistance websites belies Washington claim of advocating freedom of expression: Analyst

A political analyst says a recent US move to seize website domains of a number of Iraqi and Iranian television networks belies America’s claim of advocating freedom of expression.

“America’s claim about [advocating] freedom and democracy as well as freedom of expression is nothing more than a lie and hypocrisy, and everyone knows that the current president of the United States has declared that American democracy is ‘in peril’,” Amin Hatit said on Wednesday.

A message appeared on the websites of a series of Iraqi, Iranian, and regional television networks that claimed their domains had been “seized by the United States Government,” accompanied by the seals of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Commerce Department

Hatit said the measure, which was taken following a decision by Washington to withdraw or cut down the number of American troops in the region, indicates the emergence of a particular type of confrontation between the US and pro-resistance countries that calls for “awareness, vigilance, and readiness” of those nations.

Through shutting the voice of the resistance, the United States seeks to take revenge and prevent exposure of realities, and proves the hostile nature of Washington as well as its political defeat in the face of the resistance front, he further elaborated.

He said the actions of the West in general and the behavior of the Americans, in particular, are based on the fact that in the United States there is no tolerance for opposing ideas or those who “unmask realities, crimes and animosities” of the US toward other nations.

The analyst warned that after reducing its military presence in the Middle East, the United States will launch a multilateral war against the resistance front.

He explained that one of these battles is psychological warfare aimed at creating sedition and triggering an economic war, with the purpose of preventing development, progress, and investment.

Regarding the media battle, Hatit said that a campaign of media pressure, combined with silencing media rivals, aims to undermine trust and stability in the countries supporting the resistance front.

Tehran has censured the US move to seize website domains of a number of Iranian television networks as being part of a “systematic attempt by the United States to undermine freedom of expression on a global level and to silence independent voices in media.”

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh blasted as “disgraceful” Washington’s policy of double standards and regretted that the “current US administration has exactly followed the path of the previous administration, which will only lead to a double defeat for Washington.”

Khatibzadeh said that Iran will pursue the “illegal and bullying” measure through legal channels.

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