Iraqi MoH: seven million people received COVID-19 vaccines in Iraq

The Iraqi Ministry of Health and environment revealed the percentage of citizens vaccinated against COVID-19 in Iraq.

A member of the Ministry’s communication team, Ruba Falah said, “The number of people vaccinated against the COVID-19 in Iraq has reached seven million, while the percentage of vaccinated people of 12 and up has reached more than 30% as a first dose, and 18% as a second dose.

The spokesperson warned that Iraq will be exposed to the fourth wave of COVID-19, stressing the need for a high vaccination turnout in the county.

“The Iraqi Ministry of Health has taken a set of preventive measures to confront this wave, including increasing the number of beds in some hospitals and health institutions, as well as bringing more respirators, rehabilitating infrastructure, and providing medical diagnostic and equipment”, she added.

The first dose of Pfizer vaccine entered Iraq on the eleventh of last April.

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