Al-Amiri on the recent events: Everything that happened is taking place within the limits of democratic practice

Today, Saturday, the head of the Al-Fateh Alliance Hadi Al-Amiri called on the Sadrist movement and the forces of the coordination framework to adopt the approach of calm and restraint.

Al-Amiri said in a statement received by Al-Ghadeer: “To all the dear brothers, the partners of the country in the coordinating framework and the Sadrist movement, and everyone who is concerned with the lives of Iraq and Iraqis, I invite you all to adopt the approach of calm, restraint and deliberation, and to prefer the method of dialogue and constructive understanding in order to overcome differences, Which, whatever it is, it can be solved and dismantled quietly and away from emotions.”

He added, “Everything that has happened so far revolves around the limits of democratic practice, but our patient people are looking with fear and caution at what the current situation may lead to of sedition, and what the chaos may cause in terms of bloodshed, God forbid, and thus the wishes of the enemies of Iraq who are waiting for it are fulfilled. circles”.

He continued: “I call on all the brothers concerned with this crisis to start preparing peaceful solutions that meet political demands on the basis of understanding, mutual concessions and respect for the constitution and the law. He loves and is satisfied.”

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